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✨ Actions Before JavaScript

Before JavaScript, there was Forms and Links, that was the what you could do on web.

16 May 20246 min

🎚️ Remix Levers: SPA

Remix gives you another lever, enabling you to build Single Page Applications with the power of Vite.

21 Feb 20246 min

🔄 Remix: shouldRevalidate

Remix gives you fragrant defaults for web, and when you need, you can bring your perfume.

22 Aug 20235 min

📦 Upgrading Dependencies

What are NPM dependencies and how to upgrade those used in my projects?

8 May 202315 min

💾 Git Stash

Playing with half-baked ideas or writing code but not finished yet and need to switch to another branch? Here goes Git Stash

15 Jul 202210 min
Git StashDev Tools